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Published: 06th December 2011
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ISO14001 Certification- A requirement to save environment - Constraarch
ISO14001 is a set of standards specially devised for the environment management in business. Since 90s the focus on environmentalism has gained momentum. With the increasing pollution, a need was felt to take steps to reduce the level of pollution. With the advent of industrial revolution, there has been a constant rise in the level of pollution. And the result was felt in the form of hole in ozone layer and rise in global warming. Therefore, it became necessary to create awareness all over the world about the depleting natural resources and rising pollution which is affecting the environment deeply.
ISO14000 came to existence which has series of standards with the emphasis on environment management and control. And 14001 is the first one to get recognized and implemented. It is created with the aim of establishing the quality standards for the better management of environmental issues. It basically includes the establishment of EMS i.e. Environment Management System in various industries.
The standard works on the principle of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act). It requires the organization applying for ISO14001 Certification to first plan for the systematic establishment of EMS. Therefore first a gap analysis is done to trace non-compliances in the organization. Then they are required to check for the resources which will be supporting the features of EMS. In this phase all the employees are educated about the need for EMS, it's operations, etc. Here all the documents are created. In the next stage, the monitoring of performance is done. It is done on regular intervals to ensure that all the targets are being achieved or not. In the last stage, after monitoring the success of EMS becomes known and now again planning is done to accommodate further improvements.
The ISO14001 certification body conduct a audit of EMS standard or ISO14001 Standard to see its functionality by conducting onsite visit. So the organization seeking this certification should be prepared for that. There are many consultants who help the organizations in getting this certification. So if you do not know anything about the certification compliance process, taking the help of certification consultant will always be beneficial.
Adopting these standards offer certain benefits for their organization. First of all implementation EMS lead to reduction in waste created for disposal of harmful elements. And by adopting systematic processes the operating costs are reduced. And the most important benefit that the organization achieves is getting an edge over others by creating an image of eco friendly organization.
Therefore, the certification becomes important for organizations to receive and for which they may have to bring changes in their techniques and processes. But these changes will bring down the level of global warming and also enhance your image in the eyes of your customers.

ISO 14001:2004 Certification Service - Constraarch

ISO 14001:2004 specifies requirements for an Environmental Management System to enable an organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information about significant environmental aspects. It applies to those environmental aspects that the organization identifies as those which it can control and those which it can influence. It does not itself state specific environmental performance criteria.

Purpose of ISO 14001:2004 - Constraarch

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System (EMS) who's purpose is
• A management commitment to pollution prevention.
• An understanding of the environmental impacts (reducing) of an organization's activities.
• A commitment (pollution prevention) to employees, neighbors and customers.
Five Key Phases
• Phase 1: Establishing the environmental goals (policy).
• Phase 2: Planning the elements of the EMS.
• Phase 3: Implementing the EMS.
• Phase 4: Checking for any problems and correcting them.
• Phase 5: Evaluating the effectiveness of the EMS and improving it, and launching into a new cycle of improvement.
Benefits of Implementing ISO 14001 - Constraarch
• Reduce cost of waste management
• Reduce water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution
• Savings in consumption of energy and materials
• Improved compliance
• Overall Costs Reduced
• Fewer accidents
• Competitive advantage
• Improved use of resources
• Framework for continuous improvement of your environmental performance
• Improved corporate image among regulators, customers and the public
ISO 14001 Auditors Training - Constraarch

Effective auditing is a highly specialized skill and constraarch trains key personnel from organization to be successful internal auditor or lead auditor. We have training programs that range from 2 to 5 days.

The Training will cover following topics
• The requirements of ISO 14001
• Auditing techniques compatible with ISO14000
• How to plan, perform and report on an audit
• How to take corrective action
• Architecture of the ISO 14001 Documentation
• Preparation of Checklists
• Nonconformity - Major and Minor
Learning Outcomes
• Better understanding of the ISO 14001 Requirements
• Learn how to Conduct Internal Audits, Audit Process and Cycle
• Preparing and Using Checklist
• How to Seek Objective Evidence
• Hands-on/Practical Experience
• Internal Auditor Certificate (upon successful completion)
• Identify opportunities for improvement
How can constraarch Help?

constraarch consists of full-time trainers and lead auditor with a unique combination of manufacturing experience, business, sector and financial expertise, and a "hands-on" approach creates a recipe for our clients' success.

ISO 14001 EMS pre visit

We had done pre visit before ISO14001 stage 1 audit for many companies those implement ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Need of Assessment is an ideal way to start a EMS implementation program or to ensure your company is in the position to successfully pass a registration audit.

This comprehensive implementation program is tailored to your individual plans and may include
• A benchmark visit,
• An overview of the standards,
• Writing and revising documentation,
• On-site or off-site training of personnel,
• Assistance with implementation,
• Liaison with the registrar, reassessments and follow-up evaluations, and consulting during the registration process

What is an ISO Certification Body?
A certification body is an independent organization which is accredited to perform certification audits to the requirements of ISO 14001. These certification bodies are the companies that your organization will contact to come and audit your company, some of the more well known are companies such as Equal assurance, constraarch mansys, Intertek, SGS, DNV, TUV, Lloyds Register (LRQA), BSI (British Standards Institute), Bureau Veritas (BV) to name but a few.
These certification bodies are also approved by an accreditation body to approve their approach to auditing and issuing a certificate of conformance to ISO 14001. If a certification body is not “Accredited” then the certificate that they offer is not recognized, so beware of the cheap offers out there!
What is an Accreditation Body for the Certification body?
An Accreditation body is the body that approves all of the certification bodies within a country, the accreditation body is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and ensures that the certification bodies that asses your quality management system do so in an efficient and competent manner.
In Australia accreditation body is JAS-ANZ (joint accreditation system of Australia and new Zealand) . certificate bone by JAS ANZ accredited certification body could be check on line at website.
In the UK the Accreditation Body is UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service) url is , they audit the certification bodies in the UK for approval to conduct certification audits not just in the UK but in any IAF member country. You can tell if your certification body is approved by UKAS by checking their paperwork and certificates, it should carry the UKAS “Tick and Crown” logo with their registration number under it, so for instance your Lloyds Register ISO 14001 certificate should carry the Tick and crown logo with the registration no.001 under it.
Other countries have their own accreditation bodies such as NABCB (National accreditation board for certification body in India, EAC (European accreditation of Certification) and ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) in the US, DAC (Dubai accreditation council).
If your certification body is not approved by an accreditation body or the accreditation body is not part of the IAF then your certification is not officially recognized! Beware there are many companies out there that offer ISO 14001 certification as per their own standards or are accredited by equally as dubious accreditation bodies!

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