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Published: 24th November 2011
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ISO 9001:2008 Certification Process and Benefits

ISO 9001 Standard Certification - Constraarch

ISO 9001:2008 is a set of requirements for a quality management system, a set of requirements against which a contract can be set or against which your company can be audited. Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 Certificate should ensure that you have in place systems and processes to ensure that product and services are delivered effectively and in a controlled and repeatable manner.
Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 is often required for some companies as a prerequisite to supply and is stated as a contractual requirement. So these companies expect you to be certified to ISO 9001 as a requirement to supply. Without a certificate from a reputable certification company you will not gain the business.
Certification is conducted by an independent third party organization who will come in and ensure that your quality management system meets the requirements of ISO9001 Certificate

Eight principle of Quality management systems - Constraarch
• Customer focus,
• leadership,
• involvement of people,
• process approach,
• system approach to management,
• continual improvement,
• factual approach to decision making,
• mutually beneficial supplier relationship

ISO 9001 Quality Management System - Constraarch
ISO 9001 Certification Continuous Quality Improvement ISO 9001:2008

What is an ISO Certification Body?

A certification body is an independent organization which is accredited to perform certification audits to the requirements of ISO 9001. These certification bodies are the companies that your organization will contact to come and audit your company, some of the more well known are companies such as Equal assurance, constraarch mansys, Intertek, SGS, DNV, TUV, Lloyds Register (LRQA), BSI (British Standards Institute), Bureau Veritas (BV) to name but a few.
These certification bodies are also approved by an accreditation body to approve their approach to auditing and issuing a certificate of conformance to ISO 9001. If a certification body is not “Accredited” then the certificate that they offer is not recognized, so beware of the cheap offers out there!

What is an Accreditation Body for the Certification body?
An Accreditation body is the body that approves all of the certification bodies within a country, the accreditation body is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and ensures that the certification bodies that asses your quality management system do so in an efficient and competent manner.
In Australia accreditation body is JAS-ANZ (joint accreditation system of Australia and new Zealand) . certificate bone by JAS ANZ accredited certification body could be check on line at website.

In the UK the Accreditation Body is UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service) url is , they audit the certification bodies in the UK for approval to conduct certification audits not just in the UK but in any IAF member country. You can tell if your certification body is approved by UKAS by checking their paperwork and certificates, it should carry the UKAS “Tick and Crown” logo with their registration number under it, so for instance your Lloyds Register ISO 9001 certificate should carry the Tick and crown logo with the registration no.001 under it.

Other countries have their own accreditation bodies such as NABCB (National accreditation board for certification body in India, EAC (European accreditation of Certification) and ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) in the US, DAC (Dubai accreditation council).
If your certification body is not approved by an accreditation body or the accreditation body is not part of the IAF then your certification is not officially recognized! Beware there are many companies out there that offer ISO 9001 certification as per their own standards or are accredited by equally as dubious accreditation bodies!

ISO 9001 Audit Process for certification Constraarch.
ISO 9001 Certification Audit Process - Constraarch
The audit process is itself quite simple, if this is your first audit then you will have what they call a “document review” audit. During this audit the auditor will review all of the documentation that forms your quality management system to ensure that you have covered all aspects of the ISO 9001 requirements within the documentation. The auditor will also discuss with you the best way to conduct the audit of your actual process for your initial audit or certification audit.

The initial audit will cover all aspects of your quality management system covered by ISO 9001 including quality manual, quality procedure, work instruction, quality plan or quality parameter, process control, customer requirement etc the auditor will plan a series of visits to each process to follow your processes through the company. He will ask questions and observe what you actually do, gathering evidence from records and other documents to support his findings. This audit can take just 1 or 2 days to several days with more than one auditor depending on the size of your organization.

The findings of this initial audit will be fed back to your management team at a closing meeting and if no major non-conformances or no high risk have been found the auditor will recommend you for certification. The report will be sent back to the head office where it will be reviewed and within a few days you should receive your certificate to ISO 9001.

Advantage to comply and certify ISO9001 - Constraarch
Improved Planning & Control, Improved Customer Service , Improve internal / external communication, Improved Productivity, Increased Ability to tender for contracts, Integrity of system maintain, Gaining a marketing advantage, Increase in market share, Reduction in customer audits, Reduction in cost, Increase in supply, improved sustainability

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